February 2015 - Tempelores

Point Quiet is a Dutch formation that founded in 2007. Their music is described as Country Noir. In 2011 they came with a self titled debut album and anno 2015 they have a follow up to that. “Ways And Needs Of A Night Horse” is out now.

Listening to this album by Point Quiet is an interesting experience. At first you get the singer/songwriter feel of it, a minimalistic approach you would think, but you better hold back on your judgement for a while as there is quite a lot to find in here. Trumpets, accordion and other instruments you not automatically would like to this sound are passing by bring that little extra to the sound and define it to Point Quiet. Then there is the sultry voice of vocalist Pascal that brings you the words and give the whole sound a final shape.

Here and there the darkness of it may come across a bit eerie but the guys seem honest and upfront with what they want to bring to you and that explains exactly why it does not really take a lot of ones time to feel comfortable with the sound of Point Quiet.

“Ways And Needs Of A Night Horse” is a release you are going to sit down for. You sit down with a drink in your hands and listen, simply listen and enjoy.

(Sabine van Gameren)