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The West Wind (full)
Ways And Needs Of A Night Horse (full)
New York Or Not New York (sample)
The Man I Once Was (sample)

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Red Eye Nights
Anchors And Birds
A Simple Life


Point Quiet album cover Deseronto album tracks

Into The Night
Days Of Steel


The West Wind Audio tour "Painting Canada" - Groninger Museum

The West Wind


PQ plays:

Steve Earle's Fort Worth Blues (mp3)


Live recordings @ Radio 1

Live on Villa VPRO, October 2010:

Anchors and Birds

Live on Dit is de Dag, May 2014:

The Man I Once Was

Live recordings @ NCRV 2003

We Learn Fast

On The Plain

Live @ Radio West

Played on "Stork On Air" on April 16, 2010.
Mixed live on air by Bas Martinius

Red Eye Nights
Into The Night

Ways and Needs live

Ways and Needs of a Night Horse
Live @ In the Woods, Leusden, January 2020

Into the Night, 2020 version

Into the Night

Highway in Your Head video by Stift

Highway in Your Head

Walking in the Wild video

Walking in the Wild

Ways And Needs album video

Ways And Needs Of A Night Horse

Live @ Vanslag, Borger, October 2015

Run All You Want

Point Quiet album videos

Long May You Hide
Anchors And Birds
"Song without words"

Wishful Music, Groningen, January 2012

Red Eye Nights
The Man I Once Was
Until We Fall

Concerto instore gig

Paradiso backstage